Book Distribution with Global Reach

At Truth In Books, we provide comprehensive book distribution services, giving your work the exposure it deserves on a global scale. Our extensive network ensures your book is available across popular online bookstores, subscription services, and libraries, helping you reach readers worldwide.

Our Global Distribution Network Includes:

Leading Online Stores: Gain access to well-known platforms like Amazon, Apple Books, Google Play, Barnes & Noble, and many more.

Subscription Services: Offer your book through popular subscription models like Scribd, Bookmate, and others, reaching engaged readers who love discovering new titles.

Global Libraries: With our extensive network of over 400 bookstores and 240,000 libraries in more than 100 countries, your book will be available to institutions around the world.

Unique Local Marketplaces: Tap into regional online markets and specialty platforms, ensuring your book reaches readers with unique preferences.

Book Production and Distribution Realized

We empower authors to achieve their publishing goals through a wide range of book production and distribution services. From ghostwriting to manuscript assistance, formatting, editing, and marketing, our team ensures your book meets the highest standards. Truth In Books provides a seamless experience to help your book stand out.

Print book distribution

Offer your book in physical stores through our print and distribution services without the hassle of printing thousands of copies or managing logistics.

Ebook distribution

Publish to various ebook distribution platforms and digital libraries. Our ebook distribution services get your books to a worldwide audience.

Audiobook distribution

Manage, distribute, and promote your audiobooks to all major distribution channels through the convenience of a single, user-friendly platform.

Comprehensive Services Tailored to Your Needs

Expert Guidance: From file formatting to manuscript polishing, we provide comprehensive support to get your book distribution-ready.

Distribution Analytics: Stay informed about your book’s performance with detailed sales reports and trends, giving you insights into your readership.

Flexible Pricing and NO Royalty Models: Retain full control over your royalties. With our services, you pay a flat fee and keep all royalties.

Your Partner in Book Distribution

Truth In Books is committed to helping authors succeed. Our book distribution services ensure your book is marketed and sold on the platforms that matter most to your audience, providing the global reach you need to grow your reader base and increase book sales.

Additionally, if you’re solely seeking book distribution services, we offer a standalone option that includes an ISBN and access to over 400 bookstores and 240,000 libraries across more than 100 countries.