Book Promotion for Authors

At Truth In Books, we believe that every author deserves the tools to reach a worldwide audience. With our comprehensive book promotion services, you don’t need external promotion companies. Our platform has everything you need to captivate new readers.

Amazon Advertising
Imagine your book shining brightly in front of readers who are eagerly browsing for their next favorite read. With Amazon Advertising, your book will be showcased to shoppers who are actively searching for related products.

Price Promotions
Price promotions are a proven way to attract more readers. We can set up and run discounted or free campaigns to give your book the attention it deserves and increase sales.

Review Copies
Get honest feedback directly from readers! Distribute free review copies through Apple Books and Google Play Books straight to reader devices to build anticipation and generate buzz.

Sales Events
Capitalize on special promotions and seasonal discounts from different stores through our platform to maximize your book’s reach.

Collaborate with Written Word Media and let your book feature on prominent book promotion sites like Freebooksy, Bargain Booksy, and Red Feather Romance, reaching thousands of dedicated readers.

Featuring in Newsletters
Grab readers’ attention quickly! Submit your book to be included in one of our partner newsletters and gain a much broader audience in no time.

Store-Specific Features
Enjoy monthly book features and exclusive marketing campaigns through our partnerships with popular stores.

Author Landing Pages and Websites
A strong online presence is essential. We’ll build author landing pages or full websites that showcase your book, reviews, and other vital information to enhance your brand. Your audience can engage directly and access your work effortlessly.

Social Media and Marketing Packages
Our graphic packages help you stand out across social media platforms. We assist in designing giveaways, coordinating local bookstore campaigns, organizing workshops, and more to build anticipation and create buzz.

Courses and Interactive Media
Develop online courses based on your book, creating additional value for your readers. Engage audiences with interactive videos or AI chatbots for personalized marketing.

Ebook Distribution and Marketing
Market your ebook with our comprehensive strategies. We utilize data-driven insights to help you sell through ideal channels. If you prefer exclusive sales through your website, we can guide you in developing a cohesive approach.

Boost Your Book’s Sales Globally
Our authors gain access to valuable promotion services through Truth In Books.

Discover Success Stories
Authors have found remarkable success through our platform’s promotions. Dive into their inspiring stories and discover how we can do the same for you.

Written Word Media Partnership
We partner with Written Word Media to feature your book on prominent sites like Freebooksy, Bargain Booksy, Red Feather Romance, and NewInBooks. Our recommendations ensure your book is matched with readers who will love it.

The Only Tool You Need
Maximize your book’s exposure with our marketing and promotion tools. We will find the ideal channels for ebooks, audiobooks, or print books all in one place.

Instead of a generic sign-up process, we offer a free consultation to understand your goals and develop a customized strategy. Whether you prefer a partner to handle the details or want to be hands-on, we tailor our services to your needs.

Contact Truth In Books today to start promoting your book with curated strategies and reach a global audience. We’re excited to work with you in building your brand and getting your book in front of readers.