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Global Audiobook Publishing and Distribution

Global Audiobook Publishing and Distribution

At Truth In Books, we’re dedicated to helping you reach a global audience through audiobook publishing and distribution. With our comprehensive services, authors and publishers can effortlessly publish and distribute their audiobooks across the most popular digital platforms worldwide.

Simplifying Audiobook Publishing and Distribution

We make it simple to publish your audiobooks on Audible, Apple Books, Spotify, Storytel, and more by handling the entire process for you. Our efficient management ensures that your audiobooks are distributed to all the major platforms with seamless coordination, freeing you up to focus on your creative work.

Audiobook Promotion Services

After selecting the appropriate audiobook distributors, we maximize your audiobook’s visibility using our built-in marketing features. We utilize price promotions and collaborate with partners like Written Word Media’s AudioThicket to ensure your audiobook gains optimal exposure. We’ll also adjust prices as needed and list your audiobook in promotions to help you reach a broader audience.

Transparent Earnings

Our flat-fee model ensures you receive 100% of the net royalties earned. Our royalty management system provides detailed financial reports, giving you complete control over your earnings while allowing you to focus on growth.

Publisher Tools

Our comprehensive publisher tools provide royalty management, sales analytics, and more, so you can keep an eye on your audiobook’s performance and refine your strategy as needed.

Global Audiobook Distribution

Our global audiobook distribution network ensures that your audiobook reaches millions of listeners through platforms like Findaway, Audible, Apple Audiobooks, OverDrive, and many more. Our partnerships transcend borders, letting your audiobook captivate listeners worldwide.

Convert Ebooks to Audiobooks

Our integrated Apple Digital Narration feature allows you to turn your written content into an engaging audio experience. We handle the complexities of audiobook production so you can focus on delivering quality content to your audience.

How We Publish Your Audiobook with Truth In Books

  1. Send Us Your Files: Share your audiobook and cover files with us, and we’ll manage the upload process for you.
  2. Fill Out Your Metadata: We’ll ensure your audiobook’s metadata is comprehensive and optimized for discoverability in stores.
  3. Select Distribution Channels: Based on your preferences, we’ll distribute your audiobook to suitable platforms, ensuring it reaches the right audience.
  4. Narration Services: If you don’t have an audiobook ready or require a narrator, we offer narration services at an additional fee. Our team can guide you through preparation or provide budget-friendly narration options if you prefer not to narrate yourself.

Streamlined Audiobook Publishing

At Truth In Books, we offer everything needed for successful audiobook publishing. From promotion and flat-fee royalties to global distribution, our services help you reach new audiences and grow your earnings. Trust us to bring your audiobook to life and captivate listeners worldwide.