Make Your Book Dreams A Reality

At Truth In Books, we believe that every author has a unique story that deserves to be shared with the world. Our mission is to help bring these stories to life through bespoke publishing services tailored to reflect your individual style and vision.

Navigating the publishing landscape can be daunting, especially for new authors. That’s why our approach at Truth In Books involves close collaboration from the start, ensuring that you have a clear plan and feel supported throughout the process. We offer detailed guidance to help you make informed decisions at every stage, from manuscript preparation to book launch.

Our team at Truth In Books includes talented writers and editors who are passionate about storytelling and dedicated to the craft. While we are building our portfolio, our commitment is to provide the highest quality of writing and editorial support. This ensures that your voice shines through authentically, resonating with your intended audience.

We guarantee that each manuscript at Truth In Books is treated with meticulous care to ensure it is unique and meets high grammatical standards. Our editorial process includes thorough proofreading and editing to eliminate errors and enhance readability, ensuring that your final product is polished and professional.

We pride ourselves on maintaining open lines of communication throughout your publishing journey at Truth In Books. Regular updates and collaborative discussions are pivotal in our process, ensuring that the book that evolves is a true reflection of your initial vision. We’re here to listen, adapt, and apply your feedback as your project comes to fruition.

You retain full ownership of your book once published with Truth In Books. We believe that authors should control their work, from the creative process to the finished product and beyond. This means you keep all rights to your book, allowing you the freedom to explore all avenues for sharing your story.

At Truth In Books, we’re more than just a publisher; we’re your partner in the storytelling journey. We’re excited to work with authors who are ready to share their vision with the world. Whether you’re crafting your first book or looking to expand your reader base, we’re here to ensure your publishing experience is successful and satisfying. Let’s start a conversation today about how we can bring your book to life.